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Next Company Auditions!

We've recently just held auditions to join our company, and unfortunately will not be holding any further until our current show has wrapped. Keep an eye out on our socials or website for any further updates. If you would like more information, please follow our contact link below.

Email the secretary for more information!

We’re always on the hunt for talented people to join our company, either on
stage or behind the scenes. If you’re into dancing, singing or acting we hold new
member’s auditions twice a year while anyone interested in backstage, lighting,
costumes or props can join the society anytime. Simply email our
secretary to find out how you can get involved.


A PODS acting member gets to be apart of our latest show and get all the benefits too! You'll get to sing, dance, act, and most importantly have fun whilst helping put one of Peterborough's shows from the award winning society.

All you have to do is email our secretary to sign up, audition at one of our bi-annual events, and if successful join the company and be in a show!

If you do wish to audition, there are a few things you'll need to prepare;

  • A song of your choice

  • A short monologue no more than 2 minutes in length

  • And be prepared to learn a short dance routine (so wear suitable clothing)


A non-acting member of PODS can still help with the shows. Working backstage helping the team with lighting, costumes and props. If you would like to join up and be apart of putting on an amazing show you can email the secretary and join any time. 


A patron of PODS is a little different than a non-acting member, check out the BECOME A PATRON page for more information and if this is more suited for how you would like to be involved in the society.

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