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What we do

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We’re the

 Peterborough Operatic & Dramatic Society

(PODS) and we love to get together, have fun and make great theatre that we want local people to love. Musical theatre is our first passion and the bread and butter of what we do, but we do also stage plays, concerts and even the odd murder mystery. We’re a friendly group of all ages and backgrounds, and when we aren't performing we socialise as one big family.

Peterborough Operatic and Dramatic Society, or PODS as it's affectionately known, had been in existence since 1900.  Except for two short breaks during World War I and II we have put on a show, sometimes two, every year.  We are an award winning Company, being recognised for our work both on stage and behind the scenes. 


PODS is a Charity and so all money goes back into the organisation and almost everyone involved in our society does so on a voluntary basis.  


At PODS we pride ourselves on our professional standards, attention to detail, great sets and the lots and lots and lots of fun that we have rehearsing and performing shows.  

We take it seriously, Performing Arts is a craft but the truth is we do it because we love it.  The reality is that cast members, backstage crew, hospitality team, social committee, main committee and trustees all come together to join our talents and work hard to put on great shows that we can be proud of.

Our choice of shows is based on what we think that audiences would enjoy seeing and what we would like to perform.  However, we always look for new challenges, pushing boundaries and trying new things as well as bringing 'firsts' to Peterborough.  In addition to Shows, Concerts and Plays, we hold Masterclasses to improve and learn new skills, and social events both of which are open to the public.


Want to join PODS?

Check out the 'JOIN THE COMPANY' page if you want to become a member of PODS!

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