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Cast Testimonials

- Calvin

- Hannah

- Jess

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These testimonials come from our acting cast members who were all in each of their respective shows. Here you can see first hand experiences of our shows and how much we love what we do.

We're constantly updating this page with more shows, so make sure to check back soon!

9 to 5 Testimonial
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9 to 5 Transparent.png

9 to 5 is an office satire set in the late 1970’s when the only Apple you had at work was the one you brought to eat at lunchtime. 

The story is about three female secretaries who decide to get revenge on their tyrannical, sexist boss by abducting him and running the business themselves. The musical is full of fantastic, toe-tapping music, from the iconic title song ‘9 to 5’, the anthemic ‘Shine Like The Sun’, the romantic ‘Let Love Grow’ to the empowering ‘Get Out Stay Out’ and many more.

9 to 5 is a hilarious story of friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era. It is outrageous, thought-provoking and even a little romantic.

I was privileged to play the role of Franklynn Hart Jr, the sexist, bigoted and tyrannical boss of Consolidated. And a nice challenge to play the bad guy. It was also an excuse to grow my hair and horseshoe moustache!!

I had many great moments in the show and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I loved performing the song ‘Here For You’, with much inappropriate gyrating and innuendo. I also went ‘up in the world’, when being abducted I was attached to a hoist and lifted into the air to display my pink ‘Y’ fronts.


It was wonderful experience working with the Director, Rob Bristow & Choreographer Nicola Marsden as well as Musical Director Steve Hession. All were very professional and helped me immensely in becoming Franklynn Hart Jr. Also a great thanks to everyone backstage who worked on the show, giving it their all to ensure the show’s success.

It was amazing working alongside my fellow principals and ensemble. The professionalism and talent of everyone in the PODS Family is truly breathtaking and it has been my utmost pleasure to be part of this great team.

- Calvin

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Hairspray Transparent.png
Hairspray Testimonial

Hairspray was my first show with PODS after successfully auditioning to join the award winning society in Summer 2015. I was thrilled to be cast as Penny Pingleton in this production - the ditzy, dance-loving best friend of protagonist Tracy Turnblad. As cliche as this sounds, this really was a dream role for me, and I loved every moment of the whole production; from rehearsals to band call, the get-in to the performances themselves. This mammoth musical arrived at The Cresset in early April 2016 and we were ecstatic to sell-out all 6 performances (including adding extra rows of seats to accommodate a waiting list), and enjoyed a finale with a standing ovation each night - possibly one of my performing highlights. 


The production was a massive challenge for PODS; the casting needed to be diverse and true to the plotline as the theme of race and diversity was integral to the show, but technically the show needed to be on-point with live band, teamed with polished direction and choreography. It was a big production; big band, big set, big venue and BIG hair! For me, Hairspray will always be a highlight of my PODS 'career'. Each night backstage I would look around in amazement at just what can be achieved by a group of people who are essentially involved in PODS as a hobby. It is down to the pure love of theatre and the passion of those involved that make our shows what they are, and consequently have led us to win numerous awards over the years.

- Hannah

Addams Testimonial
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Addams Transparent.png
Addams Transparent.png

The Addams family is a fun, dark and hilarious musical and a story about secrets being exposed, relationships being tested and love triumphing. For the Addams family feeling sad is happy, feeling pain is joy and death and suffering is something of a dream. This is however, until Gomez and Morticia’s, daughter Wednesday, who has fallen in love with Lucas Beineke, a smart boy from a ‘normal’ family, invites him and his family over for dinner, and begs her family for one ‘normal’ night. The story is the journey of these two dysfunctional families meeting, and eventually helping each other out. 

I played Wednesday Addams in PODS production of The Addams Family in 2015 and my experience is something I will never forget. Wednesday was a fantastic character to play, she was crazy, passionate, short tempted, and loving all in one. Not only is the script hilarious, the songs are amazing and the makeup, hair and costumes are so brilliantly dark and spooky. Overall it is memorable show to watch and be apart of.

- Jess

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